Carlos Gonzales, RSAC

Carlos is a Licensed Substance Abuse Associate.  He is a graduate of this program (2001), and is now on staff as a therapist.  Carlos is on the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Association of Drug Court Professionals.

Brian Parkhill, M.S., LPC, LADAC, CCGC, MAC; CEO/Lead Therapist

Brian designed and established the first out-patient treatment program of its kind in New Mexico, which made effective treatment available to thousands of people not able to afford in-patient care (which at the time was the only option besides AA). With over 25 years of experience in drug and alcohol addiction counseling, Brian has changed the lives of tens of thousands of New Mexicans through addiction treatment. 

Brian was recruited to be a member of the team that brought drug courts to Santa Fe, and has been instrumental in expanding the drug court program to other courts in Santa Fe. He is a member of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

Meet the Team

IHS Recovery

The IHS Recovery Program provides crucial treatment to people who have committed crimes due to an alcohol or drug addiction. IHS works closely with the drug courts in Santa Fe, NM to rehabilitate offenders so that they do not commit further crimes. Since addicts sent to prison have a high likelihood of re-offending, this rehabilitation strategy has resulted in significant cost savings for the City of Santa Fe and the State of New Mexico. People who committed crimes to fuel an addiction become productive members of society through this program. National studies show that for every $1 spent on this type of treatment $7 is saved in incarceration costs. Additionally, for every $1 spent we save up to $60 in related healthcare savings (ie healthy babies born vs drug-addicted).


In addition to crime prevention, IHS leadership provides essential training in jurisdictions outside of Santa Fe. Brian Parkhill, the program’s CEO, is looked to as a national expert in the drug court field, and regularly serves as a consultant for court systems and upstart drug court rehabilitation programs alike.

Mike Hernandez   

Monique Miera      

Erika Ortega

Anthony Tafoya

Anna Gutierrez, MHC

Anna Gutierrez, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, brings a female perspective to the treatment process.  Anna provides therapy for our juvenile clients.  Additionally, Anna is bilingual, and conducts all Spanish language therapy sessions.

IHS Recovery